Ithaca, the home of Odysseus

Ithaca belongs to the Ionian Islands, West Greece. The island is famous for being the homeland of Odysseus, Homer’s hero in the Odyssey. It is the land where the faithful Penelope waited patiently her husband to return from the Trojan War. Despite his full of adventure voyage, Odysseus managed to return to his beloved island, which is, since this myth, symbolizing the long and difficult voyage of a life time.

This wonderful island is separated from Kefalonia by a narrow canal, only 3 kilometres wide. The east coast of Ithaca is harsh and precipitous, while the west coast is verdant and  gently sloping down to the Ionian Sea. The island mainland is quite mountainous, full of pines, cypresses, olive trees and vineyards. The enchanting coves are finishing this idyllic landscape, making it a real paradise on earth.

Ithaca today
Fortunately, Ithaca has not yet been spoiled by mass tourism, mostly because it is an unknown destination for people who look for exciting nightlife, large and crowded sandy beaches. Ithaca is a calm destination, ideal for those looking for relaxation and rest.

The island is ideal for various activities, such as endless nice walks in the nature and visits to the picturesque villages and the archaeological sites associated with Homer’s stories. Ithaca is an island of pleasure where every one takes his time to relax and be charmed by the natural beauty of the place. The whole island is full of magic and beauties, making us understand the great love and pride of Odysseus for his homeland.